Inform Your Opinion 11-06-19

Tuesdays election results are in and the Republicans and Donald Trump are on the losing end. In Kentucky Democratic Attorney General Andy Beshear is poised to defeat Republican Governor Matt Bevin. In Virginia, Democrats won majorities in both House and Senate, giving them full control of the states government. In Mississippi, the Republicans held onto the governor’s office by a thin margin.

CNN report by Eric Bradner.

Right wing news outlets and Presidents son Donald Trump Jr. are trying to spread the identity of the alleged impeachment whistleblower. While other major news outlets are declining to publish the identity over concerns to the safety of the whistleblower. First off before we get ahead of ourselves, this is just the alleged whistleblower, so publishing their name could bring them unwarranted harassment.

Forbes report by Rachel Sandler.

The Washington Post reported that President Donald Trump wanted his Attorney General William Barr to hold a press conference to clear him of any wrongdoing in regards to the July 25th phone call with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky. This tactic sounds awfully familiar.

SF Gate article.

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