Inform Your Opinion 10-31-19

Happy Halloween!

Today may go down as a date that students in history class will be reading about in their history books. The House passed a resolution formalizing its impeachment inquiry into President Trump. The House of Representatives passed the resolution 232-196 with only two democrats voting no – Reps. Collin Peterson of Minnesota and Jeff Van Drew of New Jersey.

NPR report by Brandon Carter.

While there is a lot of talk today about the House vote formalizing its impeachment inquiry; we can’t forget that there is a heated Democratic primary race in full swing. With Iowa caucus less then a 100 days away new polls show Senator Elizabeth Warren as the most favorable, followed by Mayor Pete Buttigieg and then by Senator Bernie Sanders. Former Vice President Joe Biden, who was the former front runner is now polling in fourth place in Iowa.

The Hill report by Tal Axelrod.

In the first primary state of New Hampshire, Senator Bernie Sanders takes the lead in most recent poll with Senator Elizabeth Warren close behind him. In third place is former Vice President Joe Biden and in fourth place is Mayor Pete Buttigieg. Progressive candidates are surging to the top of the polls in these early voting states, while the more centrist candidates like former Vice President Joe Biden and Senator Kamala Harris are losing their ground.

The Hill report by Jonathan Easley.

In the national polls, lesser know candidates with progressive ideas are rising. While the former Vice President Joe Biden still leads the national polls, followed by Senator Elizabeth Warren and then by Senator Bernie Sanders; a businessman Andrew Yang and Hawaii Representative Tulsi Gabbard are gaining some ground. Yang is polling at 3%, the same as Senator Kamala Harrris in the national polls. While Representative Tulsi Gabbard is polling at 4% giving her a lead over Harris.

National Review report by Alexandra Desanctis.

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