Inform Your Opinion 10-28-19

The House impeachment inquiry hits a stumble as former Bolton aide Charles Kupperman, refuses to testify, his lawyers citing executive privilege. Democrats argued that Kupperman is now a private citizen and that failing to appear before Congress would lead to charges of contempt of Congress. Kupperman filed a lawsuit, leaving it up to the courts to decide.

The Hill report by Rebecca Klar & Mike Lillis.

As a response to the refusal of Charles Kupperman to testify, House set a vote for Thursday, 10-31-19 to formalize and establish parameters for the impeachment inquiry. This would prevent witnesses from refusing to testify, and the White House from withholding documents on claims of executive privilege.

The Wall Street Journal report by Natalie Andrews and Byron Tau.

The White House on the other hand is making a unsubstantiated claim that holding the vote now only proves that the Democrats were holding unauthorized impeachment proceeding. While Republicans are defending their position on the impeachment inquiry thus far.

Fox report by Alex Pappas.

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