Weekend Edition: Inform Your Opinion 10-26-19 & 10-17-19

ISIS Leader, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi and arguably the most wanted man in the world is dead after he detonated a suicide vest when the U.S. Special Operation soldiers closed in on him on Saturday, October 26th, in Syria.

The New Yorker article by Robin Wright.

CNN Reporting with Live Updates.

Rudy Giuliani butt-dials NBC reporter… TWICE. Both of the calls went to voicemail and Giuliani is heard discussing needing money on one of the voicemails and also discusses the Bidens in another. Note that Giuliani runs a security consulting business.

Full story on NBC News by Rich Schapiro the reporter Giuliani butt-dialed.

A mans own body was brewing its own alcohol and getting him drunk without drinking from a extremely rare condition called “auto-brewery syndrome” (ABS).

Full story on CBS New York.

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