Inform Your Opinion 10-25-19

A fantastic analysis of 40 million Uber rides reveals how much/who/when people tip.

Q: Do men or women tip more often?
A: Men tip on 17% of trips, while women tip on 14.3% of trips.

Q: What % of riders never tip?
A: Some 60% of ride-share customers never tip, while only 1% always tip.

Q: Does your age and gender get you more or less tips?
A: Women drivers are tipped up to 12% more than male drivers. But it evens out for drivers aged 65 and over and they end up getting tipped at the same rate.

For a more in depth look, see Market Watch article by Quentin Fottrell

Finally Uber is coming out with its own version of a light like the Lyft AMP. Hopefully this time it will be for every Uber driver across the nation and not just a select market. The Beacon 2.0 is designed to help you find the correct car in busy pickup location by customizing the color it lights up. It will also give riders helpful reminders like to wear a seat belt, not to slam the door as they exit the vehicle.

The Verge article by Andrew J. Hawkins

There was a major settlement this week over the liability of who is responsible for the U.S. opioid crisis in Ohio courts that amounted to $260 million for two counties Cuyahoga and Summit. The last minute settlement averted what would have been the first trial in a landmark federal case which involves thousands of plaintiffs and defendants from every link in the chain of opioid drug production. The fight has just begun, but it is nice to see that there is some justice for those who became addicted; and its finally time to pay by those that profited from this crisis and hid the truth of how addictive these prescription drugs really were.

NPR article by Colin Dwyer

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