Inform Your Opinion 10-23-19

Democrats impeachment proceeding are going to take longer then they initially expected. It is hard to tell at this point if this is beneficial or harmful to the President. If the proceedings go into the New Years and beyond, they might clout the first Caucuses and Primaries. Even if the House impeaches Trump, the Senate may not convict him and whoever the Democratic Nominee is may suffer because of it.

CNN article with more details of impeachment proceedings taking longer by Manu Raju and Jeremy Herb

Anxious Democratic Establishment is looking for other candidates!? The field was overcrowded a couple of months ago with a lot of establishment candidates. Not to mention Joe Biden had a very favorable lead because of his name recognition. Now that many have fallen to the side and some out of the race and Joe Biden slipping in the Polls while Elizabeth Warren takes the lead, the Democratic Establishment is in a Panic for someone else. Even Hilary Clinton is considering to jump into the race again, did the Democratic Establishment and Hilary Clinton forget what happened the last election cycle? The Country wants a populist and not an establishment candidate.

More on the topic in a New York Times article by Jonathan Martin.

What if Trump wins 2020? Will we see a country run by a despotic leader on par with the kind in Mad Max/Idiocracy? Give the bellow article a read, very imaginative and entertaining piece.

What If Trump Wins? by Darren Samuelsohn for Politico.

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